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A Star Trek fanfiction set following the events of Deep Space Nine.

This fic follows the crew of the USS Kumari, who are invited to explore the area of space controlled by the enigmatic Tushlan Hegemony.

Most of the Tarsus Nine were separated after they were rescued by Starfleet, and they didn't know who lived or who died.

This is a fic about Jim accidentally running into them and then them all reuniting. Kirk is the youngest captain in Starfleet history and now the guinea pig for new Vulcan AI technology, something to replace the post of First Officer, in fact, named Spock.

Jim struggles to adapt to this new technology and questions of identity and sentience are raised.

And yes, the title is based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

One year after the return of Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant, the Federation is still fighting for its self-understanding after the dramatic events of the Dominion War. In an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion, an unlikely investigative duo begins a race against time to find the vanished persons before the situation escalates.

A security conference should provide answers to the most urgent questions regarding the changed balance of power. Fully illustrated by the wonderfully talented ymymy.

The Vulcan Science Academy has opened its enigmatic doors to exchange students from Starfleet Academy.