playtech casino

The Playtech company has been a gaming software provider since the year 2000, committed to the development not only of casino software, but also to creating gaming systems of kiosk type, and also poker and bingo.

Playtech has been serving the online gambling industry since 1999.

Founded by entrepreneurs from the casino, software engineering and multimedia industries, Playtech welcomed its first casino licensee in 2001 and has grown exponentially in the time since.

With a focus on variety, Playtech specializes in cross-platform products, providing players with an outstanding array of games without having to jump from casino to casino.

Read our review of Playtech software or check out our top Playtech casinos below: Playtech casinos and Omni Casino are among our highest rated casinos providing players with the full Playtech experience across a variety of platforms.

Whether players plan to hit up the Playtech slots, the live games or its esteemed poker rooms, those casinos provide an excellent home base for gamblers seeking the complete experience.

Playtech’s impressive array of gaming options are designed to be enjoyed in multiple forms, allowing players to make their gambling experience as personal as possible.

Playtech Casinos: Playtech’s casinos are among the best in the industry, providing an intuitive layout.

Playtech casinos support over 500 innovative and exhilarating games, including slots, table games, card games, live games and many more.

Additionally, the company aims to add more than 50 games to its slate yearly.

Information Management Solution (IMS): One of Playtech’s greatest strengths is its ability to fully integrate a complete, cross-platform management system that allows casinos to offer a smattering of games through all its applications.

Playtech achieves this through its use of IMS, a suite of services that incorporates the software’s Enhanced Gaming Engine platform (Ed GE) and allows providers to offer players quality products across multiple platforms.