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As much as we enjoy the amazing freedom the online environment has given the slot game, we always cherish the classic slot machine, the one that started this long and incredibly successful spin tradition.

We offer plenty of classic Vegas casino slots – the online type of course – for those players who love the fruit machine, the penny-slot, the 3-reel, and the one-payline slot classic.

If you’re already here, why don’t you give the other types of slots a try? century, millions of people around the globe try their luck at the slot machine every once in a while.

Slotomania has more than 160 different slot games, from the classic slot games all the way to next-generation-graphics slot games with multiple players, blowout bonus games and tons of cool social features. Even a century after its inception, classic Vegas slots haven’t lost their charm and continue to attract slot fans for their simplicity and ease of play.

Even the most sophisticated online slot extravaganza is still at its core a classic slot game, operating on the same principles of the very first slot machines.

We at Slotomania believe that this very simplicity is what has kept slots spinning strong for more than 100 years.

The best advice we can give in this regard is: Figure out what kind of slot game you want to play.

Since there are so many different free classic slots online (and in the real world as well) it can get tricky to choose.

If you’re looking for good old fun classic slots, then look no further.

Straightforward and simple, it is the slot game we’ve all learned to love.